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Hazy Bay is a studio tucked away in South Seattle. In addition to offering post-production music and audio for commercials and film, we also work with artists to produce, mix and master their projects.

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For artists…

Recording, mixing, mastering, producing and session playing.


For filmmakers…

Custom scoring, licensing, sound design, mixing and mastering.


For quotes and info, contact us HERE.

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$300/day (8 hours, with engineer)

$40/hour (with engineer)



$150/song (3 revisions)



$40/song (1 revision)


Video Production Package

In partnership with Chiaronaut Film Co, get a package of three fully produced live videos. Includes full mix, master and edited videos using multiple camera angles.

$1,600 total ($800 music production, $800 video production)


Full gear list available HERE.

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Other Services

Hiring players for your session.


Music editing.

Music supervision.